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Fun and Educational Nursery School in Pinetown

Studies have shown that a person’s core personality is developed in their early years. In fact, you can tell a lot about a person’s future character by the time they’re 5 years old! At Care Bears Wonderland, we know how important these early years are in the development of your child, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to raising emotionally intelligent children.

Our Baby Nursery

Our nursery is fully equipped. Each baby has their own personalised cot as well as their own nappy locker to store their own wet wipes, nappies, cream etc. There are 3 qualified staff members who care, love and nurture your precious little one. Each baby has their own face cloth with their personalised name embroidered on for wash and bath time.

All bottles are labelled and sterilized throughout the day. All our baby food is fresh purified seasonal vegetables without added salt – until they are moved to solids. We have a lovely outdoor play area for the babies. All toys are sterilized on a weekly basis and our nursery has a well-structured routine. Each baby has their own communication book where all daily bottles, feed times and nappy changes are recorded.

We have a fridge facility for moms who wish to store expressed milk. Once your precious little one turns a year old they are introduced to tactile activities.

Pre-primary School and Kids After Care


Looking for a Pre-primary school in Durban? We’re here to help you. Since 2006 our nursery school has grown from two classrooms with seventeen pupils, to a bustling hub of eight classes with one hundred and fifty pupils, as well as a nursery for the very little ones.

We are open throughout the school holidays and provide a safe and fun environment for your little ones; that’s one less worry for working parents. Our school follows the national curriculum and our dedicated staff are on board with knowledge, love, and good Christian values. We believe in developing children holistically so beyond the school subjects, we have a wide variety of extra-mural activities, from sports to ballet, dancing and acting, and crafts.

Care Bears Wonderland is situated in Pinetown, Durban. Feel free to contact us to enrol your child into this wonderful programme.

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday: 07:00am to 17:30pm
Friday: 07:00am to 17:00pm
We are Open throughout the year except over the December/January Holiday Period.